Apr19 : Explorers – 4 Inns Walk

Date : 06 Apr 2019

Photos: Mark Burrows, Harriss Cook, David Huddart, Helen Maguire, Joanna Shillington, Jon Southey, Mark Southey, Mark Woodward


The 4 Inns Walk is a tough competitive event in the Peak District, over some of the roughest moorland in Britain. 
It takes its name from the 4 inns along its route – The Isle of Skye (site of), Snake Pass Inn, Nags Head, and the Cat & Fiddle.
The main route is 65k and is open to all and a shorter 35k route is open to Explorer scouts.
This year the group entered a record 7 (4 Explorer, 2 Network and 1 Group) teams and 6 finished as complete teams.
In the 65k event the quickest complete team was 16hrs 44mins.  2 Members of another team finished in 15hrs 27mins.
In the 35k event the quickest complete team was 8hrs 35mins.